Selection Process
Through this communication, NA now invites NIIT Alumni to submit their candidature in the next round of selection for admission to six universities:

Selection Process consists of the following steps.
(Consult Diagram 1- Flow-chart from DCA to Selection when Viva not held)

1. All NIIT Alumni who have completed at least four semesters of NIIT Career Education submit their candidature by filling out DCA (Data on Candidates in Alliances) on The NIIT Academy website. There is no specific last-date. DCAs when retrieved by NA will be required to be processed which will take approximately three months. Any DCA received after the download date for that year will be automatically carried forward to the next round of selection.

2. All incomplete forms get automatically eliminated. Respondents of completed forms receive their NA ID Number instantly, a number by which the respondents are tagged and monitored through the process.

3. All completed forms are processed by NA computer to achieve the following outcomes in that sequence.
(i) Convert PP grades into % marks in case of those GNIIT candidates who received a grade in PP instead of % marks.
(ii) Eliminate academically “Not Eligible” candidates (outside the purview of alliances).
(iii) Separate out from amongst “ Not Eligible” candidates, those who require counselling due to inadequate preparation.Such candidates may be advised to do some extra courses before proceeding further.

4. All four categories of candidatures as given in the DCA are now reformulated as per the following Levels of prior preparations, currently existing in the NIIT system:
(i) Four semesters after PUSRC
(ii) Four semesters with BD in DQS or in SS
(iii) GNIIT with 3-yr BD in DQS or SS
(iv) Four semesters after PUJRC

The students in a level will compete among themselves and not with students across Levels.

5. All Eligible candidates with adequate preparation are ordered on the basis of their aggregate % performance in all NIIT semesters, Level-wise. The outcome at this stage is Four separate Merit Lists for four Levels.

6. A certain number of candidates from each Merit List are shortlisted. Others are kept on the Active List of the NA for automatic consideration in the next round.

7. Only the short-listed candidates are sent the “Nomination Letter” from the NA nominating them to the appropriate program in a University after following the due matching process. NA on behalf of the University should consider this as an Interim Letter of admission issued. This Nomination Letter includes specific instructions to nominated candidates. Each nominated candidate is required to fulfill the instructions within stipulated time.

8. In the first stage the nominated candidates are required to confirm the acceptance for the nominated program and the year in which interested, through e-mail to NA, followed by the second stage wherein candidate will be expected to send the notarized and attested photocopies of relevant documents listed below:
(i) PUSRC Certificate together with the mark-list
(ii) PUJRC Certificate together with the mark-list
(iii) Bachelor Degree Certificate together with the mark-list
Certificate and Transcripts of each of the NIIT Semesters

9. Candidates will then receive the University Application Form and the set of instructions about how to fill and send the form to the University. The candidates will be required to send the completed application form to the University before the last date for that year with all the relevant documents with a copy to the NIIT Academy.

10. Formal Letter of admission by the University soon follows.

11. However, if need be, NA may decide to hold Viva for the short-listed candidates.
In such case the procedure would be as follows:
(Consult Diagram 2 Flow-chart from DCA to Selection when Viva held)

12. Only the shortlisted candidates are sent a “call for Viva” communication. This communication includes specific instructions to invited candidates such as the documents to be brought, Venue and Viva schedule, etc. Orientation session precedes Viva. It gives candidates an opportunity to meet the Viva Committee and satisfy their queries, if any.

13. Viva will normally be scheduled in one city in each country of response. Representatives of the partnering universities may also participate in the viva apart from the Officers of the NA. The Viva Committee will be formed by the President of NA. The Committee will be chaired by the President of NA or his nominee.
Candidates will be expected to bring the documents listed below at the time of Viva for verification by NA:
(i) PUSRC Certificate together with the marklist
(ii) PUJRC Certificate together with the marklist
(iii) Bachelor Degree Certificate together with the marklist
(iv) Certificate and Transcripts of each of the NIIT Sems, and
(v) photocopy of both sides of each of the above documents

Presence at Viva is a must. Candidates failing to present themselves at Viva will get eliminated automatically. All travel expenses to attend the Viva will have to be borne by the candidates.

Verdict at the end of Viva is one of the following:
(ii) Kept on Active List for future and
(iii) Selected to one of the five universities through a due process of matching.
Matching is done by considering the preferences of the candidate for all participating universities, currently five, and the candidates’ performance in Viva.

14. An interim letter of admission is immediately issued by NA to all selected candidates.

15. Formal letter of admission by the university soon follows.

Some Stipulated Conditions
1. Mere candidature in the selection process does not guarantee admission

2. Candidates have varied prior preparation in as much as partnering universities have academic regulations distinctly of their own. Hence the prescribed programme for each selected candidate will vary in details and that is the prerogative of the university to which the candidate is admitted. It is, therefore, not negotiable.

3. No candidate will correspond with any of the partnering universities until such time that the candidate is issued the letter of admission by the university.

4. The Alliance guarantees no fees waiver, no bursary, no scholarship by the mere fact that the candidate has been admitted to such universities.

6. No candidate will also unduly correspond with The NIIT Academy except when warranted under the instructions of the Academy.

On the strength of letter of admission, issued by the partnering university, selected candidates will proceed to complete the formalities of visa, etc. at their initiative. They will keep NA informed of their progress in this matter.


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