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The NIIT Academy, called NA hereafter, is a non-profit Educational Trust, set up in July 1998 and registered in New Delhi, India, under the Indian Laws.

NA has academic arrangements with six internationally known universities, one in Malaysia, two in UK, and three in Australia. (see University Links)

The purpose is to create access to a degree of a university through the device of admission with advance standing for all the students of NIIT Career Education.

What alliances do?
What is the coverage of the alliances?
What are the special and exclusive benefits to NIIT students?
Who administers the alliances?
What would the aspiring candidates do now?



What the alliances do?
These alliances are a formal arrangement by which a special connectivity has been created between a degree granting institution like a university and NIIT, which is a non-degree granting institution. This connectivity is the hallmark of NA-Universities alliances whereby NIIT Career Education has been accorded a status, which a University normally gives only to the offerings of another University.
All students who have completed at least a 2-year of NIIT program after PUSRC is an Alumni for the NIIT Academy.
In specific terms, from the point of NIIT students, NIIT Programmes of Studies under Career Education, leading to all NIIT Awards of 2-year and > 2-year duration are granted block credits in terms of block of years by the partnering universities of the alliance. Result is that all NIIT students on completion of NIIT Award (of 2 or > 2-yr duration) have not only (i) an access to a degree of the partnering university, but they also (ii) have a headstart towards a degree by the virtue of durational exemption they receive for their studies at NIIT.


What is the coverage of the alliances?
All students
All prospective students of NIIT will be covered under the alliances as soon as they enroll themselves into NIIT Career Programme of Studies of at least 2-year duration.
All currently enrolled students of NIIT Career Education come under the ambit of alliances as soon as they complete first four NIIT semesters.
By the same token, all NIIT alumni who have completed at least four semesters of career education at NIIT, irrespective of time and place, are automatically included and can immediately proceed to fill up DCA on the web-site of The NIIT Academy.
All NIIT Awards
All NIIT Awards under Career Education of 2-year or > 2-year duration, after PUSRC.
NB: PUSRC = Pre-University Senior Certificate (Certificate required to seek entry to a Bachelors Degree of a university in the country of origin)
All Structural and Curricular Variations in NIIT Educational System
NIIT educational system and the various programmes of studies differ in such details as: nomenclature of the Award (e.g. PNC,DNIIT, etc), input qualification (e.g. Class XII, ‘A’ level, 10+2, etc.), incorporation of Bachelors Degree (BD) or a structure without BD (e.g. GNIIT with BD and GNIIT without BD).
Global Coverage
Alliances cover all NIIT Career Education Centres, located anywhere in the world.

      What are the special and exclusive benefits to NIIT Students?
They can cross over to the Degree path of partnering university at the end of any NIIT Award which is of minimum 2-year duration. Students who are enrolled in NIIT Programmes at the end of their PUSRC have a smooth cross-over.
The arrangement provides advance standing admission to the alumni of NIIT, depending upon the academic preparation of the candidate, in and outside NIIT, and Universities valuation on a case by case basis.
-- This brings in significant savings in time & cost in accessing international degrees.
-- Alliances are exclusive to NIIT alumni, that is to say, any person desirous of benefitting from the alliance, must first become NIIT alumnus.
-- There is no requirement of GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, etc. It does not mean that minimum english proficiency is not required. The candidate may be asked to submit the proof of adequate english proficiency as deem fit by the concerned University. It is also possible that the concerned High Commission/Embassy may demand a student to furnish a particular test score. For example the Australian High Commission in India has recently started demanding the IELTS scores before granting the student's visa to Australia.
-- Selection for admission to all partnering universities is done by The NIIT Academy in a single window approach, thus making the process hassle-free.
-- Selection process does not involve any written examination.
--No extra fee is levied by NA for processing the candidature of Alumni.
-- Selection is a continuous process, normally occurring twice every year. Such of those who are not selected at the end of a particular Award, can continue their study towards higher NIIT Award at the end of which they again have a chance to cross-over to a degree path without loss of time.
-- All DCAs received will be processed, after which the eligible candidates will be communicated.
      Who administers the alliances?
The NIIT Academy administers the alliances by acting as a mediator between NIIT Academic Architecture and those of the partnering universities.

What would the aspiring candidates do now ?
All Prospective Students of NIIT Career Education
NIIT Career Education now offers you a path towards a degree in IT from reputed universities in different parts of the world with considerable saving in cost.
-- All you need to do is to enroll yourself for NIIT Programme of Studies of minimum 2-year duration.
-- Visit nearest NIIT Career Education Centre for your enrolment.
All Currently Enrolled Career Education Students in any NIIT Education Centre in the world.
-- If you are pursuing a Programme of Studies of 2-year or >2-year duration, depending on when you are going to complete it, start planning and preparing yourself to submit your candidature to NA for advance standing admission.
-- If you are pursuing NIIT Programme of Studies of <2-year duration, you must immediately enroll into a higher Programme of at least 2-year or > 2-year duration. Get in touch with the Front Office of your NIIT Education Centre immediately.
All NIIT Alumni of Career Education
-- All NIIT alumni with 2-year or >2-year NIIT Awards may immediately submit their candidature for advance standing admission to partnering universities by filling out the DCA format (Data on Candidates in Alliances) on the web.
-- Following data will be required for filling out DCA.
Aggregate % of Marks or Grades obtained in PUSRC, Bachelors Degree, all NIIT semesters of studies, including Professional Practice, name and address of PP Organisations, name of PP Assignments and name of the NIIT Certificate obtained.
-- All NIIT alumni with <2-year NIIT Awards may seek re-entry to NIIT Career Education for completion of the remaining part of their studies in order to avail of an extraordinary opportunity of access to an international degree. They are advised to contact the nearest NIIT Education Centre immediately.


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