About us

The NIIT Academy (NA) is a non-profit Educational Trust within the NIIT Limited and was registered as such on 27 July 1998 in New Delhi, India.

The genesis of NA can be traced back to the academically humble origin of NIIT itself, way back in 1981, as a Training Organization. Notwithstanding the rough and tumble of intense market preoccupation, it did not deflect the founders of NIIT from an ultimate vision and resolve to enter the mainstream of higher education. The sharpening of the competitive edge even in mere training went together with the quest for methods to position the offerings in the framework of education that a university delivers.

The first modest action, but deeply significant, was to extend the duration of training beyond a single semester constraint, the coinage of an expression, named Career Education, took place. Career Education is simply a string of prescribed semesters of courses forming programs of studies leading to formal announcement of certifications. This strategic move resulted in a market acceptance of NIIT Career Education and considerable competitive advantage to NIIT Alumni holding different Certificates.

It is at this stage that NIIT invited some experts from the university system to build the educational superstructure on the established market success. These experts with proven competence formed the Higher Education Wing (HEW) in 1990. The first visible outcome of their endeavors in 1992 was educational institutionalization of the Career Education by launching Certificates like GNIIT, ANIIT and FNIIT (also called Awards or Titles). Further, a unique component called Professional Practice (PP) of two semester duration was incorporated in the GNIIT Certification. This last step established an enhanced market and a healthy respect for the originality in NIIT Career Education. Another innovation was the Dual Qualification Scheme (DQS).

The spearheading of the NIIT strategy that followed is to be seen in the context of perturbation that took place throughout the world affecting the future of higher education itself. A worldwide conclusion was drawn. Higher education is characterized by escalating cost and dwindling resources. All public policies discovered there are limits to public funds to sustain such a system no matter how we hold the system with affection and love. The pursuit of excellence in knowledge would collapse if simultaneous pursuit of stability and viability of institutions is not ensured. Further assertion of the market economy throughout the world causes basic rethinking in all matters affecting higher education. Even the nature of the curriculum, so far almost the exclusive preserve of the universities, was challenged by activist actions of a rising number of institutions that subscribe both to the supremacy of knowledge as well as supremacy of market. In short, all orthodoxy’s floundered. Scores of imaginative universities in the world launched themselves on a new paradigm on not-so-well-defined action plans. It is roughly at this stage that the NIIT Academy was born to incorporate in its culture the full academic ethos with legitimate market adherence.

The alliances are formal agreements between NA and six universities – one in Malaysia, two in UK, and three in Australia. Now, any NIIT student studying in any Centre anywhere in the world has an opportunity to access a degree of these universities through what is described as Admission with Advance Standing. To ensure smooth and predictable operation, a formal connectivity between the NIIT Academic Architecture and structure of these universities has been worked out in all details. Connectivity simply means a set procedure by which smooth cross over from the NIIT system to the system of these universities can be achieved by NIIT Alumni. Connectivity also quantifies in a predictable range the amount of advance credit accorded by each university to every programme of studies in NIIT and finally concludes by giving a range of residual credits to be done in the campus of these universities in order to complete the requirements of appropriate degrees of these universities. Further dialogue with more universities and also with these five universities is continuing for more benefits to NIIT Alumni.

It is important to record this connectivity between degree provider like universities and NIIT, which is a non-degree provider as a landmark event in the history of higher education in the world. NA feels humbly proud of receiving, on behalf of all NIIT Alumni and NIIT students, this token of appreciation of the Career Education of NIIT from these five universities.


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